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I’m an intermediate member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.

This means I have over 100 hours’ experience and am fully trained in the complete proofreading suite (passing with a distinction and a merit).

I've proofread novels, magazines, autobiographies, translations, young-adult books, interviews, short stories and book covers.

With a BA Hons in English Literature from Cardiff University, you'll never find me without a book on the go.​

For over 15 years I led a government communications team for a public sector organisation. ​This role included copywriting, editing and proofreading for the web, blogs, newsletters, corporate reports and trade articles.

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I proofread many genres but specialise in outdoors literature: mountaineering, climbing, hiking, adventure.  I work on travel books, blogs, websites and guides. 

I’m comfortable with technical terms and equipment use. I’m familiar with a wide range of wild and remote locations such as specific mountains, routes or trails. I understand the language of travel and navigation.

​So if you need someone who knows boots, belays and bivouacs then you'll be in safe hands.

Read about my voluntary role with Mountain Rescue England and Wales:

Gina has been working with us on a voluntary basis for our last two editions of our quarterly 'Mountain Rescue’ magazine. Her professional and efficient approach, and her attention to detail have certainly taken us to a new level. As a very small design and production team of one, I have always espoused high production values and, thanks to Gina’s input, I now feel extra confident that we are producing a top-class publication that can stand proudly within the outdoor sports and emergency services sector.

Judy Whiteside, Editor & Publicity Officer, Mountain Rescue Magazine

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I take pride in polishing authors’ work and ensuring it is ready for publication.

I'll make your priorities mine.

Above all, you can trust my thoroughness.

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