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How I can help

Even the most careful writer can overlook errors. Sometimes these creep in over many rounds of editing. Sometimes a name or place is spelt differently – and in a long book or document, it’s no wonder.


It’s hard to notice these things yourself.


Using fresh eyes – someone who’s professionally trained to address spelling, syntax and style – will make sure your reader focuses on words, not flaws.

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  • Outdoor literature: exploration, survival, mountaineering, climbing, cycling, adventure and nature.

  • Contemporary fiction

  • Biography/memoir

  • Education: teaching resources, strategy documents, school prospectuses

  • Public-sector documents and corporate reports: annual accounts, strategy, tenders

  • Marketing materials: blogs, newsletters

  • Medico-legal reports and expert witness documents

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Independent writers

You’ve finished writing your book. Your narrative is flowing and every chapter is rounded.


But now you need fresh eyes to check that everything hangs together and that the semantics and grammar are spot on.


If you’re not sure whether you need proofreading or copyediting, scroll down.


Every project is different. I’ll guide you and assess how much editorial input you need. I’ll also create a bespoke style guide for your book.


Throughout, I’ll keep true to your voice.

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With over 20 years’ writing and editing experience in the public sector, I can help transform heavy corporate documents into publications that your audience want to read. Or I can make sure your marketing materials have clear messages that catch your customers’ eye.  


I offer:

  • Proofreading – a final check before publication to make sure grammar and spelling are spot on.

  • Copyediting – a more in-depth assessment of sentences and paragraphs, to improve flow and meaning.

  • Proof-editing – a combination of the above, plus re-writing and shaping the tone of voice.

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Proofreading or copyediting?

Your manuscript or document is already in good shape – I'll proofread to:


  • correct errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

  • achieve consistency with house style.

  • review the layout, headings, design and spacing.

  • lay out lists and bullets correctly.

  • make sure endnotes or footnotes, references or bibliography are cited correctly.

  • ensure abbreviations, and people and place names are consistent in spelling and capitalisation.

  • make sure that numbers are consistently spelt out or written in figures.

  • look at the big picture to ensure everything fits together.


 Your words need more attention – in addition to proofreading, I’ll copyedit to:


  • improve sentence structure and remove ambiguity.

  • reword awkward phrases and eradicate repetition.

  • identify and correct syntax, such as dangling modifiers or poor word order.

  • adjust the text to fit the available space if required.

  • review and organise the position and content of illustrations, tables and their captions.

  • provide gentle but clear feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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If you want your words to have greater impact, then I can combine proofreading with editing – a ‘proof-edit’. This takes more time.


I’ll review and edit the messages, look at your choice of words and suggest improvements. I can help you get the right tone of voice.  

Businesses that want to communicate less corporately to their customers or those whose first language is not English can benefit from my proof-editing.  


I can also help you develop your own house style.

Gina always delivers a very prompt, efficient and professional service. She can be relied upon for her attention to detail and experienced editorial flair.

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Gina to anyone looking for a trusted expert to provide editing and proofreading work on their corporate projects.

Rachel Moss, Head of Communications, Newport City Homes

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